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Whelpdale Caffe Mocha

Whelpdale Caffe Mocha

Whelpdale Caffe Mocha



Our coffee bean infused vegan milk chocolate is a must try! To create this perfect blend, we partnered up with Magic Beans Coffee in Lexington, Kentucky. You'll get tastes of dark roasted coffee from Papa New Guinea blended in our version of Belizean milk chocolate. It's a smooth but sweet taste you will miss once it's gone!

1.8 oz (51g)

43% Cacao

Belize, Maya Mountain Cacao

100% vegan / Non-dairy / Non-GMO

Ingredients:*raw cane sugar, **cacao beans, cacao butter, *Non-GMO soy milk powder, coffee beans, *soy lecithin.


* Non-GMO

* Organic

* Gluten Free 

* Dairy Free