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Whelpdale Milk Chocolate

Whelpdale Milk Chocolate

Whelpdale Milk Chocolate



A chocolate classic, but with a vegan twist! This milk chocolate has a larger cocoa mass than your average milk chocolate. At 43%, this chocolate offers the creamy sweet delights of a classic milk, while bringing the bold richness of a dark chocolate. With notes of caramel and hints of vanilla, our milk chocolate is made with the finest ingredients you will taste!

1.8 oz (51g)

43% Cacao

Belize, Maya Mountain Cacao

100% vegan / Non-dairy / Non GMO

Ingredients:*raw cane sugar, **cacao beans, cacao butter, *soy milk powder, *soy lecithin.

* Non-GMO

* Organic

* Gluten Free 

* Dairy Free